Leave Your Dust To Us

Living Room

Complete Living Room Clearing


Fire place and Chimney Cleaning


Cleaning of Cooking Areas and Stove


Thorough Cleaning of Toiletries

We Cover All Your Needs​

Basic hourly rate: $20-$50 per hour
Standard cleaning (e.g. vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens): $100-$200
Deep cleaning (e.g. moving furniture, cleaning walls and baseboards, cleaning inside appliances): $200-$400
Move-in/move-out cleaning: $250-$500

Now Get Up To 15% On Recurring Cleanings

Please note that these are just average price ranges and the actual pricing may vary depending on several factors also we provide all type of services and might not be able to provide prices as we bargain and make customer pay what he agrees upon

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